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You can never have too many books or cats

Do you think this is true, and if so how can we make sure that the books that we are writing make it from our screen to the bookshelves and kindles of our potential audience? We have a highly competitive … Continue reading

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Being a Grammar Nazis and other things that ruin an otherwise good read.

I was reading a blog a couple of days ago about effective ways to create a better morning routine. The article mostly contained common sense advice, but then I came across this passage and the article lost some of it’s authority: … Continue reading

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Are you paying attention?

There was a post today on Google+ that got me thinking about what really pulls readers in. Of course we use to argue that to get bricks and mortar sales you needed a captivating cover, an eye-catching title and then … Continue reading

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Samhain (Halloween) is Coming – preparing for the season

Writers who want to use their creative talents to earn a living as a jobbing writer can often find magazines, periodicals and special interest magazines a potential source of income. But to make the most of the opportunities this market … Continue reading

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Love what you write

By VC Willow – Writer of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Epic Fiction Love writing zombie apocalypse novels, vampire love stories, literary fiction or urban fantasy? Then just write those novels don’t listen to those that would tell you your writing is less than worthy. … Continue reading

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There’s no such thing as over exposing your hero or heroine

In most novels it is the protagonist that drives the narrative. Confronted with difficulties and problems to over come, our protagonist is thrown in to conflict either internal or external which the author resolves either at the end of the … Continue reading

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How ethical is it to buy reviews for your novel?

I was recently chatting with another writer on a well-known social network. We were talking about marketing for authors and what tactics can be used to increase our exposure to an increasingly saturated market. This particular writer was asking about … Continue reading

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