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A writer’s brunch

Poached eggs, baked beans, microwave baked tomatoes, Wheat, Spelt and Rye toast, orange juice and of course the writer’s staple Coffee.  Writing on an empty stomach is never a good idea, so my Sunday morning treat is a brunch fit … Continue reading

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The future is not written

Lets make every page in 2015 worth reading about and filled with productive writing. From my house to yours, Happy New Year everyone.

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Work, rest and play

Oh, if only my life could be spent curled up on a sofa with a good book and an endless cup of tea.  But I need to get some writing done, need to get my book finished, get my book … Continue reading

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After a really tough day, it’s hard to feel grateful for the blessings in your life. But gratitude is the best attitude. What are you grateful for today?

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A visit to Medieval Ordsall Hall – Reflecting on authentic world building

A simple approach is that any time that a reader’s experience is broken and the hand of the writer interferes in the world that has been created it signals the need for an overhaul by the writer. Good writers should submerge and loose the reader in the narrative experience. If a medieval peasant is drinking wine and dining on Roast Pheasant – unless it is a parallel universe – it signals a carelessness on the part of the writer in creating a world that is inconsistent with itself and the readers expectations after all how many peasants can afford to eat and drink so well. Now, before you all jump up and down in a frantic attempt to sway me that writers can successfully challenge readers expectations let me say that I agree with that statement. However I do so on the proviso that such circumstances are still consistent within the world that has been created. By that I mean that it is fine to cross the expectation of the reader but it must be explained and slid into the narrative, dialogue and plot as consistent. Readers will accept that you have screwed with their expectations, sometimes that you have flown in the face of historical evidence as long as the world that you have built makes sense within the context of the social, political, economic and religious elements of the world you have built. Continue reading

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What motivates your heroes?

What motivates your heroes? I should start with a short confession. ‘My name is V.C.Willow and I’m a whovian’. I’ve loved Dr Who for as long as I can remember, when I was younger my love for that ‘madman in … Continue reading

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The Autumnal majesty of Mabon

Originally posted on The Wise Magpie:
The season of the wheel keeps turning. As I put out my washing this morning the true sign that Autumn was upon us was clear, not marked by the date on the calender or…

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