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Picture Perfect?

This week’s Sunday Inspiration is going to be a little different as I’m going to simply post an image for you to use as a catapult to write in any form and to any length you desire. The only rule … Continue reading

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We don’t have to agree – why advice on writing is not universal

Oh writers, how I love and loathe you in equal measure. You may think that’s a strange kind of thing to feel about others in your profession but here’s my beef. Writers all have differing opinions but as is so … Continue reading

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What’s your hurry?

Everyone these days seems to be in a hurry. They’re in a  rush to get to work, pick the kids up, make it to a meeting in time, to climb the corporate ladder, to get their book written and published … Continue reading

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Use that Language

The English language is a beautiful thing. It can roll, spit, lollop, leap, sneak and hiss from our tongues evoking meaning, richness, or rudeness. It starts wars, makes peace and is filled with aesthetically pleasing words. Mooch, mither, ginnel, gander, pedant, Chthonic, cathartic, there … Continue reading

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How ethical is it to buy reviews for your novel?

I was recently chatting with another writer on a well-known social network. We were talking about marketing for authors and what tactics can be used to increase our exposure to an increasingly saturated market. This particular writer was asking about … Continue reading

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The Mousehouse

I’m a self confessed home decor addict. There I said it, and I refuse to follow the twelve steps to recovery, who wants to do that? I love making my home beautiful and functional. It embraces three of the quirkiest … Continue reading

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Keeping the Creative voice talking

  It’s hard sometimes to keep that creative voice talking especially in a social media peak, where millions of posts, videos, blogs and tweets are cast every minute, of everyday. How can we stay relevant, honest, interesting and refreshing while … Continue reading

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