Beyond the Mist

Beyond the Mist:

After escaping from the dogma of their coven, Carys and Rowan find themselves embroiled in a conflict that will affect all worlds as time and parallel worlds begin to meld into one another and they find themselves caught up in a universe in chaos. As space and time begins to run out, it soon becomes clear that a ruling elite will do anything to ensure that the dogma that shapes their world-view will be enforced with an iron fist. Carys and Rowan soon find themselves caught between old and new loyalties and intimately involved in an underground movement that will restore order. The question is at what cost?

About Beyond the Mist:

Beyond the mist is V.C Willow’s début novel delving into fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Urban Fantasy. It confronts the questions of hierarchy, societal control and the complex relationships between individuals, groups and society as a whole. The novel centres around our three main protagonists, Carys, Rowan and Seth who find themselves flung together from different times and worlds and yet are joined by their common humanity and need to survive and understand a complex universe that is at once unified and at war with itself.

Stay tuned for an indepth look at Beyond the Mist’s main protagonists and antagonists…….. coming soon to a blog near you.

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