Some of you may have just been mailed and/or notified of a new post called ‘Stay in character’, this is going to be my next post but due to a user error someone …cough…cough…whistle innocently…may have posted it by accident before it was completed. My apologies for that, I was going to go and sack the person whose failure led to this error but since she’s writing this post that would mean half posting another blog entry which seems to defeat the object of the apology for the error in the first place.

D'oh 24.07.2013

Anyway, moving on swiftly – keep your eyes peeled, your ears pricked and your spidey senses at full alert. A new post is coming your way very soon.

Have a great evening every one in the northern hemisphere and a great morning if you’re in the southern hemisphere.



About V C Willow

V C Willow has always loved to write and read for pleasure. During her teenage years she wrote a lot of poetry but graduated to writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Epic Fiction, Urban Fantasy and Suspense as she reached her twenties. She is a geek and comic nerd. A very keen reader, an enthusiastic cook and gardener and loves to craft. She's even been known to get down and dirty and do some DIY. V.C live in Manchester, England with her ball of cat fluff, Willow. She is currently writing her début fantasy novel. You can follow her authors page on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/vcwillow Connect with her on Linked in at: uk.linkedin.com/pub/vc-willow/4b/b90/521 Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/inquisitivevic Follow her on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5563938-v-c-willow )O(
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