One line Sunday – Week Two

Oscar 29.06.13

I’ve really struggled with this weeks ‘One Line Sunday’, I couldn’t find the inspiration to convert three good ideas into workable pieces. So rather than posting for the sake of it, I’m going to sleep on it overnight and see if the muse visits me as I snuggle under my duvet tonight.

Don’t forget this weeks One Line Sunday was:

Temptation is the only thing I can not resist

How have you fared this week? Have you been inspired? Have I tempted you to write a short story, a poem an opening scene for a new novel?? Do share with us!

Looking forward to reading your contributions.



About V C Willow

V C Willow has always loved to write and read for pleasure. During her teenage years she wrote a lot of poetry but graduated to writing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Epic Fiction, Urban Fantasy and Suspense as she reached her twenties. She is a geek and comic nerd. A very keen reader, an enthusiastic cook and gardener and loves to craft. She's even been known to get down and dirty and do some DIY. V.C live in Manchester, England with her ball of cat fluff, Willow. She is currently writing her début fantasy novel. You can follow her authors page on Facebook at: Connect with her on Linked in at: Follow her on Twitter: Follow her on Goodreads: )O(
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5 Responses to One line Sunday – Week Two

  1. (Could have been a quote from Hemingway) They tell me I am an alcoholic, but temptation is the only thing I can’t resist.

  2. G.R. (Gary) Miller says:

    Hey VC,

    Viewed One-Line-Sunday a bit late for week 2, I believe. Regardless the line struck a creative nerve, which I posted here. Again, thanks fro the opportunity.

    Temptation is the one thing I cannot resist, and, Lord, she is so tempting.
    Her bling merely highlights her complexion–enough to capture a man’s eye, but never gaudy. No matter what angle you spot her from, she has it all; all the curves in the right places, bright eyes, a sexy caboose, plus an expression that says I’m yours…if you think you can handle me.
    She was my dream in the late 60s. Like Grandma’s cheesecake, her desire has yet to wane. I’ll always be a sucker for her and she seems to know it.
    But then as now, she’s out of my league. She’s high-maintenance; I’m none at all. The only way I could be with her is if the fool who owns this ’69 Hemi Road Runner left the keys in the ignition and…Whoa! C’mon baby let’s ride!

    G.R. Miller
    6 / 30 / 2013

  3. @GR Miller, I thought these are supposed to be “One Liners”

  4. My mistake, I misunderstood, I apologize

    • V C Willow says:

      Some one else did exactly the same thing and thought I was looking for one liners Mrellan.

      Perhaps it’s time to change the name of One Line Sunday to a different tag.

      Stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled for a new tag coming to a blog near you soon!!

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